Homemade Blush Powder

I am kicking off my natural cosmetic line with a recipe for homemade blush powder.  This recipe creates a face powder that is free of preservatives, chemicals, additives, and artificial ingredients.  It is super simple to make and adjust to your coloring needs.

The handmade blush uses hibiscus and beet root powder as the colorant.  These two powders can be found at natural stores like Whole Foods or they can be found online through these vendors:  Mountain Rose Herbs, Amazon, and Nature’s Garden.

Homemade Blush Powder  

2 tablespoons arrowroot powder

2 tablespoons cornstarch

Hibiscus powder

Beet root powder

In medium sized bowl, combine the arrowroot powder, cornstarch.  Add about a teaspoon of hibiscus and a teaspoon of beet root to the powder. Add additional teaspoons of color powders until your desired shade is reached.  Store the loose powder in a covered container.  


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