Woven Heart Pocket Tutorial

Valentine’s Day is this weekend and nothing says I love you more than a handmade gift.  If you are looking for an easy, handmade gift than look no further, I have the perfect craft tutorial for you!  This handmade felt heart pocket is inexpensive, super simple and you can even have the kids help.

Prairie Pepper Felt Heart

Felt is no sew fabric, that is easy to work with and is very inexpensive to purchase.  Felt can be found at most craft or fabric supply stores.  You can purchase felt off the bolt or purchase it in pre-cut in 8.5 by 11 pieces.  Since felt does not fray when it is cut, no fabric sealing or finishing required.

Prairie Pepper Felt Heart 2

The felt heart pocket can be created using any two contrasting colors of felt.  An optional matching loop can be added so that the felt heart can be hung.  The felt heart can be filled with Valentine’s Day candy or a special Valentine’s Day note.

Prairie Pepper Felt Heart Top 8

Woven Heart Pocket Tutorial

2 pieces of felt (different colors – about 5″ by 8.5″ each)

1 oval cut out template (Woven Heart Felt Template


Prairie Pepper Felt Heart6

Download and cut out the oval template (PDF link listed above).  Place the oval cut out template over each piece of felt and trace.  Cut out the oval pieces along with the center slit lines.  

Prairie Pepper Felt Heart 5

Fold each oval piece in half to create loops as the bottom of the felt piece.  

Prairie Pepper Felt Heart 4

Starting at the bottom of the heart, weave the folded felt piece on the right (in this case pink) in between the felt loops of the felt piece on the left (in this case red).  Weave so that the opposite colors are showing.  The weave pattern will start to resemble a checkerboard design.  Continue weaving each loop and moving up towards the top of the heart until your heart shape is complete.   

Prairie Pepper Felt Heart 3

A rectangle piece of felt can be cut and attached (either glue or hand sewn) to the heart to create a loop.  

Prairie Pepper Felt Heart


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